The residence is located on Lake Blaine in Flathead Valley, Montana.
  Roadside. Changes in depth along the length of the house create volumetric subtractions from the overall massing. Subtractions become the entryway and a small courtyard. The roadside elevation (pictured) privileges privacy over views, which results in scattered windows. Being on the low side of the shed roof, this elevation is more unassuming in comparison to the extroverted lakeside elevation.
  Unlike the minimal and scattered use of glass on the roadside, the extroverted lakeside windows are organized into a grid system.
  The house not only uses the 16’ drop west towards the lake for expansive views, but also makes use of the 12’ drop from north to south, creating varying sections for the full 130’ length of the house.
p 49,51.jpg
  From entry, looking west out over Lake Blaine.
 The dining room soffit separates the living room volumetrically from the kitchen while maintaining visual connection.
hall bath sink.JPG
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